Wednesday, December 19, 2007

13/12/2007, E-Mail received from Uno Pereira

Dear Colleagues
I would like to comment on the notes taken during the presentation of the Phase One Impact Assessment on the 5th of December. Although I think some interventions needed to be resumed and kept to the essential, in general there was too much left out, and very important aspects of many interventions, to give a few examples:
- Imraan Ho-Yee's comments had extremely valid points that weren't included, especially when he asked why doesn't Old Mutual put the Werdmuller Center for sale, since its evaluation as a property is only the value of the site minus demolition costs (Peter de Tolly's comment);
-Donald Parenzee also made very valuable comments regarding the part that the Werdmuller Center played as a work of resistance to apartheid's spatial segregation;
If possible, and with everyone's contribution, these notes would have much more impact if the people who intervened could rewrite their own passages so that important pieces of information are not left out in this way. The meeting was also filmed, isn't there a way of retrieving some of those comments and keeping them as exact as possible?
Kind regards
Uno Pereira

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